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School History Workshops

by   " The Time Traveller "

Our Workshops are  designed to be adaptable to most age groups.

The Life of Publius Critonius Pollio

Learn about the daily life of a Romano-British boy and his family. Find out about his schooling, his free time and the town where he lived. Handle genuine Roman artefacts! Object and artefact handling, role play and story tellling. KS1 & KS2 History, Literacy, Drama, Art.

Rich and Poor in Days of Yore

Help tell the story of Wat the villein's son and Lady Cecily de Fortmayne when the fair comes to the village. What was life like for the rich and poor in medieval times? Dressing up, object handling and role play. KS1 & 2 History, Drama and Literacy.


Spy School - World War 1

The year is 1914.  MI5 has set up a training School for Agents in Folkestone, Kent to teach them the skills needed to survive behind enemy lines. Among these skills is the ability to get the information you've collected back to HQ or to your trusted contacts.  Join ' B ' in learning  the art of sending covert messages and how to recognise enemy codes. Can be tailored to all year groups.


The Art of Roman Cookery

Roman food and drink is the stuff of legend, with huge feasts and banquets lasting days. But what was the everyday food like for the average person in the Roman World ? Be prepared for some surprises as we delve into recipes based on an original Roman recipe book, and learn how fast food isn't a new idea at all !  Object and artefact handling, food tasting ! Suitable for all year groups. 


Not Only the Boys – WWI Workshop.


Many young women volunteered to serve in France. Listen to Sister Carter as she tells the story of Rosemary Jones, a volunteer nurse who left Folkestone in 1915 to serve at a military hospital near Boulogne. See if you're fit for duty, and learn how to apply field dressings !  Object Handling, Participation. KS 1, 2 and 3.


Take the King's Shilling !

Meet Gunner Sergeant John Cullen and take the King's Shilling. Learn about life as a soldier during the Napoleonic War in the wake of the French Revolution, how they were recruited, trained and fought, and the impact of the Wars in Europe. Learn about the ' Fog of War ' , and other terms from the time which have stayed with us. We can even give musketry demonstrations with the real thing ! Suitable for all Ages.  FRENCH REVOLUITION AND LOCAL HISTORY.