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Here are our latest Workshops!

Neolithic Barb and Tang Arrowhead, Kent


How the Space Race Ended the Cold War

A look at the race to conquer space between the USA and USSR and how the last Apollo to fly was part of a joint mission which opened the first gap in the " Iron Curtain ".

Plenty of A/V images and film footage, plus models and memorabilia, including genuine Astronaut Autographs for the children to see!

Dinosaur Detectives

The Search for Britain's Last Dinosaurs

Back in September 2017, Steve made a major discovery which has helped re-write the story of our past, and confirmed an earlier theory regarding dinosaurs in Britain.  Meet the discoverer of Britain's last Dinosaurs, and join him on a detective trail discovering how the last dinosaurs to live in Britain were "Tracked Down".

Lots of object handling, practical "footprint making",  and a REAL NEST OF DINOSAUR EGGS for the children to see and touch!