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School History Workshops

by   " The Time Traveller "

                                             Here are our latest Workshops !

Neolithic Barb and Tang Arrowhead, Kent

APOLLO - SOYUZ  How the Space race ended the Cold War

A look at the race to conquer space between the USA and USSR and how the last Apollo to fly was part of a joint mission which opened the first gap in the " Iron Curtain ".

Plenty of A/V images and film footage, plus models and memorabilia, including genuine Astronaut Autographs for the children to see !

Dinosaur Detectives -

The search for Britain's last dinosaurs

Back in September 2017, Steve made a major discovery which has helped re-write the story of our past, and confirmed an earlier theory regarding dinosaurs in Britain.  Meet the discoverer of Britain's last Dinosaurs, and join him on a detective trail discovering how the last dinosaurs to live in Britain were " Tracked Down ".

Lots of object handling, practical " footprint making ",  and a REAL NEST OF DINOSAUR EGGS for the children to see and touch !